"Tungane Pamoja Tutafute Nia Yetu"
"Let us come together & define our cause."
Frantz Fanon

About Us

Pya Kule Design Group Defined

The PKDG is an aggregate of six departments, each specializing in an essential aspect of social development. Tasked with encouraging people to better their quality of life and to develop their awareness of what a productive community might be; the PKDG contemporizes traditional Afrakan principles to construct artisanal and sustainable cultural implements.

"The futurity of Afrakan culture lies in the evolution of tradition. ."

~Mission Statement~

Motivating people to improve their quality of life and create a sense of community through Afrakalture (traditional Afrakan principles integrated with contemporary needs to produce useful life tools).

"We strive to make an art of nurturing the community and enriching the cultural climate for the benefit of all."

[Pya Kule - Origin: Kiswahili.

Pronunciation: / Pie-yah Ku-lay.

Translation: Neo Trans; New Beyond.

"Afrakaltural Sustainability is defined as the Afrakan centered unicity of bennificial and functional families, possessing healthy and productive environs within vigorous and autonomous communities."

Donít let the name throw you. Take a couple of Afracentric, environmentally conscious, health enthusiasts with a flair for dramatics... throw in some business acumen, a knack for organizing and a little creative license and you have the Pya Kule Design Group.

Our departments explore everything from Afrakan centered education and autonomous living to victual production via hydroponic and square foot gardening; from to team building retreats and self defense classes to uniquely styled art and fashion exhibitions.

It doesn't stop there, with our lectures, workshops and teacher trainings on Afrakaltural Sustainability we manage to keep ourselves quite busy. Basically, we decided to put our life experiences to work for us. What better way to live than by doing the things you love everyday?

We love what we doÖ and we hope you do too.

Mangaliso Ture'
Chief Operations Manager

Sekayi Khita-Hetep
Administrative Manager

PKDG offers various services, programs and events. Reaching a diverse audience, we provide networking, advertising and sponsorship opportunities. To discuss these opportunities please email us at or call 803.236.0826

Alama a Pya Kule
{Signs of the Pya Kule}


symbol of security and safety

Fi-hankare, our symbol for
Community Development
epitimizes the ultimate goal of Afrakalture...
creating and maintaining safe and purposeful communities.

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Sesa Woruban

"I change or transform my life"
symbol of life transformation

Sesa-woruban, our symbol for
Healtharian Concepts for Living
represents the power of self-transformation by developing courage and discipline and maintaining a holistic way of life.

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"wisdom knot"
symbol of wisdom, ingenuity and patience

Nyansapo, our symbol for the
Science and Technology Initiative,
reminds us of the responsibility and ingenuity necessary for the development of alternative and self-sustaining tools to ensure productive community development.

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Boa Me Na Me Mmoa Wo

"Help me and let me help you"
symbol of cooperation and interdependence

Boa Me Na Me Mmoa Wo, our symbol for the
Afrakaltural Symposium,
emphasizes the idea that aid is reciprical.
In order to be good teachers we must be great students who appreciate the art of cooperation and support.

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"knot of pacification/reconciliation"
It is a symbol of peacemaking after strife.

Mpatapo, our symbol for
Afrakaltural Outreach,
highlights diasporic reciprocity and the need to heal and forgive as a people.

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Dame Dame

symbol of coming together and creative intelligence

Dame Dame, our symbol for the
Arts and Aesthetics Collective,
represents creative fellowship. Our unique expressions are some of our most cherished gifts and we must use them wisely.

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