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Isiyosita Wewe
Express You

Arts and Aesthetics Collective

Who we are:

A collaboration of creative people networking their various talents to showcase the most dynamic and innovative expressions of contemporary art and fashion.

Our expertise lies in promotion. In this regard, we function not unlike a public relations entity as we introduce new and established artists to an ever expanding audience. We develop innovative approaches to imaging the styles and diversity of the Afrakan aesthetic and multi ethnic cultural expressions.

What We Do

Tailoring multimedia formats to enhance each creative expression, thus captivating the aficionado as well as the layman with the etherial sentiments and tacit sensibilities of the artist.

Artists and designers share their talent at our art and fashion exhibition, Apotheosis. The exhibition is a full scale production consisting of fashion, theatrics, art and music all seamlessly blended together to offer a sophisticated experience that satiates the senses. We also offer group and solo showings of our artists at local galleries.

Open Invite

Whether an artist or a lover of the arts, we invite you to experience the Collective. Submit your art, fashion designs, prose or articles to Aesthetics 6250 A.U. Or, click here to become a supporter.

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