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Arts and Aesthetics Collective

Aesthetics 6250 A.U.

What People are Saying...

Breathtakingly beautiful, the layouts chosen to accompany my poetry. Very striking and appropriate to each one. I'm very proud of the way everything turned out, and am very grateful. Thank you.
-Eric Partridge, Poet.

Thanks so much. I was really Happy with my feature in Aesthetics Magazine :) My art pieces looked good on the pages. The magazine format on the site was really cool :) and I liked the text of mine that Aesthetics Magazine chose to use, and the way in which that text was placed on the pages :) The Online magazine sort of lay out was great/really cool :) And email correspondence was easy to work with and productive and really good :) Everybody was on the ball :) It definitely worked out well :)

Many Thanks Aesthetics Magazine. Many Thanks Mangaliso Ture' & Sekayi Khita Hetep and The Arts and Aesthetics Collective!
Cheers, Peace and love,
-Devin/Cohen Asher/ Alien Architect, Artist

I enjoyed being interviewed because it felt like a conversation, as opposed to an impersonal Q & A. Seeing the finished product, I am more than pleased; I am honored. This magazine is a great artistic outlet!
-Noni Rene, Musician

Wow!!! It's beautiful! Thank you so very much. I am very honored to have so much of my work featured here.
-RoByn, Artist

"I am forever grateful and honored to be a part of your wonderful art collective and issue! You are fantastic! Thanks again!"
-Fawn Whelehan, Artist

"The magazine looks great! Thank you again for this amazing opportunity! I will be blogging, FBing & Tweeting about it! Thanks again!"
-Indigene Theresa Gaskin, Artist

"I'm crazy about your work. I cannot believe how much work you've put into this magazine. Congratulations!"
-Dr. John G. Duesler, Jr

"I must say you two are saints from the "Divine Universe" for sure . I really do appreciate the energy I am feeling. I can't wait to meet you both."
-Al Johnson, Artist

"This is a wonderful experience. Aesthetics Magazine staff is very professional and nice. I feel very great to be featured in the magazine and also work with them. Thank you to Aesthetics Magazine for the hard and great work!"
- Yeji Jun, Artist

"I really enjoyed working with you guys. The magazine looks amazing and hopefully we can continue to work together in the future. Keep up the good work!"
- Jamie Martinez, Artist

"Just wanted to take a moment out to personally thank you for the opportunity of launching my artwork to the world. Once again, thank you for your consideration!"
- Joseph C. Randall, Artist

"This is a wonderful, informative virtual magazine that introduces artists to the world. I love their support to the art world and their point of view. They did a story on me as a Designer for Sarafiné, Inc. and introduced me to people I would have never reached. Great job."
- Sarah Stavrou, Designer

"Wow, well done. Thanks for the love."
- Reginald Hudlin

"My artist is so pleased to have you portray his work so beautifully. Thank you so much."
-Rosette Stavrou, Artist Representative

"Thank you, for appreciating my work! By the way, your magazine is really nice!"
-Rick Gamache, Artist

"Excellent work on the mag. Totally feeling the layout and central theme. Bro, I would so buy this book with a quickness. You totally knocked it out the park."
- Mr Majestik

"I very much enjoyed the Aesthetics 6250 A.U. featuring the Black Panther. Congratulations on compiling a great collection of Black Panther artwork. Thank you for sharing this with us."
- Damon Owens

"Beautiful, beautiful drawings...Makes me wanna pick up a pencil again."
- Battle, Artist

- Kimoyo

- Hero X

"Very Cool & Great Work!!!!"
- 4sake

"Beautifully done. I would definitely buy a copy."
- Roland JP

"Ture, that's awesome man."
- Umbra

"This is really great artwork!"
- Marvell2100

"Yo, this is beyond awesome! Great job!"
- Geg Anderson

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