Alien Architect: Devin Cohen

Artistic Statement

"My visual artwork is pretty much me thinking: what if I were not trying to impress anyone or my self or trying to accomplish, prove, or be anything. What was it like when, or, what would it be like if, I was just completely into what I am doing and passionate, not thinking anything deep about it or trying to trick people into liking it or helping me in some way; predating educations, expectations, bla bla bla. The process runs on, I guess, the assumption that if one completely surrenders and just is what they are and honest that it'll all be fine, good, and work out.

"It's the idea, that is now just part of me I think, that I've almost forgotten I believe because its so embedded in me: everyone is pretty much the best at being what they are,but hopefully they can engage their environment to the best of their abilities as to set up their world such that they are allowed to be what they are according to the world.

"In artwork I often consider composition, figure, ground, and their reversals, the way the mind groups and categorizes things, color, art history, path of the eye, motion, texture, and sort of draw whats on my mind personally through feeling it as I go- as apposed to stepping away from the feeling and then trying to convey whatever the feeling was about to the viewer.

"I try to not be wrapped up in product, but more so process. I also don't really want my art to be of anything exactly, though I shouldn't really say that because I'd like it to remain open for the viewer to see things in it if they want to. I kind of want to do art techniques without them being applied to a thing or object for the most part, just the style or pattern or lack there of, or some kind of something, substance? In fact, often when I start to see an object or pattern or routine, I try to switch it up. Other times I want to make a new place, space, or a.... Often I dig mixed media. I like stepping outside of the social world if possible and being completely unmediated by language, reputation, image, networking, sociability, etc. I probably have a problem wherein I hold the non-social self to a very high regard. I want to try to be honest without wanting to be, to the point where it just is, and to the point at which it would be so true that I wouldn't even mention this at all."

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