Al Johnson

Artistic Statement

"A life has many facets to it’s existence. For now I am finding my spiritual connection by creating. This to me is more than just a spiritual awakening. It is a process that shows me how not to intellectualize while on the path... to just exhale and let it flow. On this journey, I am feeling the need to freely go where my creator lets me. The colors I choose to communicate through are those that my heart feels. I am able to go into the hidden corners of my soul and discover sides of myself that I did not know."


Al Johnson, illustrator, fine artist, educator and mentor has developed an inclusive vision that captures the Classical, weaves it with the contemporary and refracts it through the prism of his remarkable individuality. While formally trained in the techniques of the Great Masters, Al Johnson’s art, in fact, goes to the essence of jazz in that it brings together many influences while celebrating individuality. Mr. Johnson honed these skills, while attending famed institutions such as Pratt Institute, the Albert Pale School of Commercial Arts and the Arts Student League.

Called “the artist” since his youth, Mr. Johnson has exhibited in many corners of the world including the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum in Japan, the Guangzhou International Art Fair in China and New York City in a juried exhibition curated by Jordan Kantor, during his tenure as Assistant Curator at the Museum of Modern Art. His abilities as a draftsman have allowed him the opportunity to develop the original renderings of the Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the world. Chosen out of a nationwide search, Mr. Johnson created the commissioned portrait of Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, permanently installed in Brooklyn Borough Hall, in New York City. During Spring 2011, his work exhibited at the Pfizer Corporate Headquarters Gallery.

His passion is to inspire. A humble and self-effacing man, Mr. Johnson gives back to future artists by providing his unique teaching style designed by Al Johnson Art Studios. The lists of his accomplishments are many as he motivates those to come.

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