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Arts and Aesthetics Collective

Apotheosis Art & Fashion Exhibition

Apotheosis takes a unique approach to creative exhibition. By integrating art, fashion and theatrics in a sophisticated venue we deliver an experience that is not to be forgotten.

Artists are showcased in both group and solo showings before the Apotheosis exhibition. Art professionals and art buyers are given VIP treatment with private viewings of the art and interviews with the artists prior to the show thus insuring the best possible relationship between artist and buyer.

We are constantly seeking designers capable of envisioning the habit and stylings of our thematic presentation. The aesthetics must complement the mood, embody the attitude and capture the ethereal elements that are the signature of each Apotheosis Art and Fashion Exhibition.

Our designers get to stretch the limits of their imagination and talent by creating fashions that are both wearable and theatrical. At the venue, designers are provided with a boutique-esque set-up to promote and sell their wares and accessories. Both local and regional boutiques and specialty stores are invited, giving exposure to their habit.

Due to the nature of our exhibition which is presented in multiple acts, there is a limited number of positions for designers. Designers wishing due consideration should submit proposals of various designs to us at: If you are interested in participating in the upcoming exhibition please contact us. We look forward to the opportunity to share your talent with Philadelphia's art and fashion elite.


Exhibition Gallery

The Arts and Aesthetics Collective's choice of Galleria Isada as the home of Apotheosis 6250 a.u., demonstrates our commitment to showcasing our artists in the best environment available. Galleria Isada, located in the Port Richmond (P.R.A.D.A.) section of Philadelphia, is the perfect venue for our multimedia approach to art showings. Easily accessible, plenty of parking, professional staff and a space very few galleries can match in terms of square footage, wall space, design, or aesthetic. Gallerie Isada... a truly exquisite venue.

Production Crew

Mangaliso Ture'

-Chief Operations Manager

Sekayi Khita-Hetep Neter

-Administrative Manager

Boniswa Kamania Iyabo

-Event Coordinator

Jabulani Ayinde

-Creative Director

Cheryl Durgans -Curator

Netfah Amina-Afia

-Head Designer


-Artistic Stylist