Community Development

Automotive Paths to Autonomy

Here in the PKDG Community Development department we try to advance the concept of autonomous living. The idea of creating mobile communities seems to be an epitomized expression of autonomy, allowing for ultimate freedom. Once postulated, we began looking for ways to actualize the idea. The utilization of luxury jets and yachts was not deemed cost effective or practical. However the vehicles below seemed to fit the bill in every way.

Amphibious Motor Coach


"Engineering the finest features of world class motor coaches and yachts into a hybrid design capable of traversing land and remain aloft as its cruises the water ways."

Manufactured by: Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International

EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicles

"EarthRoamer XVs are engineered for independent, standalone operation and are unlike any other vehicle in the marketplace.

Unlike conventional RVs that depend on noisy generators and campground electrical connections for power, EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicles use massive solar panel arrays, huge engine driven alternators and large battery banks to provide quiet and environmentally responsible power."

Manufactured by EarthRoamer

Global Freedom to the Extreme

Totally Self Contained for Survival, Safety and Comfort

We build our vehicles to meet a number of criteria. Here are a few at the top of our list:

•Chassis strong enough to carry anything that you want to put on it
•Power enough to cruise at comfortable speeds
•Off road capabilities with high clearance to go over rugged terrain and take you places a regular camper will not.
•Locking differentials and gears to drive highway speeds or
•Large fuel storage for sustained camping
•Enough water and electricity storage to throw away that
umbilical cord
•Luxurious home-like comforts

Manufactured by: Global Expedition Vehicles

Survive in the Survivor Truck

Whether arming up to head into hostile territory, racing through off-road terrain, bunkering up off the grid or intimidating the enemy, Survivor Trucks take mobile security and protective measures to new extremes and push the border of mobile survival. Wheels prepared for doomsday.