Community Development

A.R.C. - Building 1
Historical and Cultural Center

A model autonomous living concept for the 21st century.

We are constructing our first Autonomous Residential Collaborative (A.R.C.) in the Midlands of South Carolina. A stand alone power system, on site water source and hydroponic gardens are just some of the self-sustaining features to be displayed.

The unique building design of the a vast improvement over traditional structures. It provides superior protection against severe wind conditions and greater energy efficiency The aesthetics of the free spanning geodisic dome lends a futuristic look to the site.

Building alternatives. Living the solution.

Modular Construction

This dome is the first of several, ultimately allowing for three units connected by causeways.

Build It Yourself

In these economically challenging times we wanted the A.R.C. to be a model of affordable construction and self-sufficiency. That means trying to use as little institutional financing as possible, low utility costs and some means of food production. The most efficient means to achieve these ends is by working with others of like mind and commitment.


The status quo of contemporary living in our world community is ever evolving. It is our intention to share in the collective responsibility of both igniting growth and preserving the well being of our community. At the A.R.C. the benefits of new technology are enjoined with environmental conscientousness and applied to the microcosm of family, yielding an exemplary model of sustainable housing and community development.

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