Our communities must serve as havens for the nurturing of families and the creation of institutions that promote the core values of developmental culture.

Community Development

Autonomous community development is perhaps the most important but least understood aspect of modern cultural expansion.

Autonomous community development deals with land acquisition, housing, victual production through farming and gardening, independent water sources and water purification systems. Defensive measures, emergency preparedness and institution building. All under the aegis of off the grid power sources. Autonomous community development will provide the means for fire suppression units, security teams, triage and mobile infirmaries with trained emergency personnel, doctors and surgeons. Courier service, short wave communications and waste management. Aggregated banking and bartering systems, small businesses and market place. A place to worship, a place to inter the deceased. Autonomous communities are self sustaining for generations to come.

A cornerstone of autonomous communities is independent education. Independent education is home schooled or private, self-funding institutions that need not be concerned with state money, certification, standardized testing, inclusion or political correctness. Curricula will focus on academics and vocational studies. Age appropriate classes for children and on going education for adults. Character development with emphasis on leadership, team building, conflict resolution, morals and ethics. Martial arts, yogic, and nutritional disciplines. The sciences, mathematics, history, language arts, icons and images will all be under the auspices of cultural relevance. Independent education provides childhood and adulthood rites, personal and family development, understanding courtship and marriage. Spiritual and religious ceremonies and psychological counseling. It provides the opportunities to study abroad. Independent education graduates students into the community as functional members, not having to leave and prostitute themselves outside of it.

Autonomous communities will be ready to use regressive technology when needed. Regressive technology technically speaking would refer to going as far back as necessary to the point where one is able to produce the tools, equipment needed for survival and perpetuation. For our operationally defined purpose we say it is dependency on tools and equipment that you can produce or affordably acquire and maintenance. It means using the materials that are easily accessible, low in cost and high in quality and purpose. It does not mean that one does not use modern tech merely that one is not dependent on or lost with out it.