Eric Battle


Eric Battle, Illustrator, born and raised in Philadelphia, knew he wanted to draw comic books the first time he laid eyes on one. Brightly-colored with action-packed adventure...the comic book world was made for Eric's illustrative hand.

After graduating from Philadelphia's University of the Arts, Eric got his start doing pen & ink illustrations for the Philadelphia Inquirer and other city papers. From there, Eric went on to do interactive exhibits and displays at the Philadelphia Please Touch Museum. He has also done children's book illustrations and advertising work.

Eric's first comic book work was for a Dark Horse Comics publication, "Catalyst." Eric then drew for titles "Kobalt" and "Hardware" for Milestone Publishing. For Marvel Comics, he drew issues of "What-if?" "X-Factor" and other stories. At DC Comics Eric has drawn such titles as "Wonder Woman," "Aquaman," "Green Lantern" and "Green Arrow," among others. Most recently, Eric pencilled two issues of "Batman" -- one of which went into a second printing after selling out.

Eric, along with writer Alex Simmons, became part of the first African-American creative team to handle Edgar Rice Burroughs' legendary character, Tarzan, for United Media Syndicates' Sunday strip.

Besides freelancing with multiple comic book companies, Eric has given comic book illustration workshops at various educational institutions, his alma mater University of the Arts (Phila.), The Walters Art Museum (Balt., MD), and Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program. He is currently working on a Vampirella re-launch magazine for Harris Publications, a new project for DC Comics. He is also writing and drawing a comic book project of his own, looking to tell an intriguing story and redefine his visual perspective.


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