Fawn Whelahan

Artistic Statement

"I believe that Art and Music are intertwined. They both evoke feelings, emotions and passions. Just as music can create an image in one's mind, art creates its own melody in ones soul. I paint from the musical images in my mind, and the colorful emotions of my soul. My paintings allow the uncommon and colorful to speak and be seen. I hope my work inspires some emotions, visions, thoughts or songs in the hearts and minds of the viewer."


Growing up in Livingston Montana, I was surrounded by beautiful mountians and valleys topped off by the crystal blue water of the Yellowstone river running through the town. I always appreciated the majestic almost unbelievable senery that could be found just by looking in any direction.

I have always loved all forms of art, the many shapes and styles, in nature as well as created by the stroke of a brush. My father was a talented artist, he did mostly oil painings and I always hung around while he created them. I loved watching the pieces change with each color and new brush stroke he made. So I would have to claim that I am a self taught artist, with my father being my inspiration.

I have always surrounded my self with artistic mediums, oil paints, flowers, or just a charcoal pencil. As both a visual artist who enjoys oil paining, to a floral designer who enjoys designing one of a kind arrangements I find great satisfaction in creating my visions of art, no mater the medium I use.

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