Artistic Statement

“My identity as a woman and an artist is intrinsically linked. My work explores issues of spirituality, myths, symbolism and universal womanhood. By painting the many faces of women, I connect to archetypal beings who celebrate women’s energies, thoughts, dreams, memories and spirit. As I create my art, I reveal aspects of myself and my connection to womanhood. My art speaks a language of many cultures and I feel immense reverence in being able to translate my individuality into this immense multitude. My unique stylized way of creating art comes through in every piece.”


“Indigene” Theresa Gaskin was born in New York City in 1959, the first generation born in the United States, from parents hailing from Trinidad and St. Vincent. She has been a resident of the Greater Philadelphia Area, for over twenty years. For the most part, Indigene has been self-taught, but she gained many of her artistic skills from her mother who was a nature painter and fiber artist, and from years of working alongside artists in Haiti, Dominican Republic, St. Vincent, Trinidad and attending Fleisher’s Art Memorial in Philadelphia, PA. Through her painting, she explores the common threads that exist among the world of women through myths, nature, traditions, spirituality and dreams. For the last ten years, Indigene has exhibited internationally as well as regionally. She has been an arts educator since 2002, and has worked with various communities teaching art to the young and the elderly.

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