Jamie Martinez

Artistic Statement


My artwork is very structured and sometimes linear, depending on the inspiration and the series that I am working on. I believe that geometric triangles hold immense power and energy. Everything in life has a beginning, middle and end. These are the basic building blocks for triangulism and the three point system that I use in my paintings. I have always been obsessed with how strong, bold, and light triangles are. I also try to show that triangles have a softer side to them, and if applied correctly, any image can be created. The color pallets I use depend on the mood of the work and the inspiration behind it. I take great pride and dedication in my art, and try to translate as much of my energy as possible into every creation.


My street photography is very raw and aggressive as I like to catch complex subjects in the street doing everyday things. The street to me is true inspiration. I feel like a hunter in a jungle waiting for what could be my next kill or great photograph. I specially enjoy black and white photos for the street as it filters the distractions caused by color and it brings you closer to the subject that is being photographed.


Visual artist, Jamie Martinez, moved to Florida at the age of 12 from his hometown of Cali, Colombia. After attending Miami International University of Art and Design and receiving the prestigious Hispanic Designer's scholarship, he moved to New York to pursue his Bachelor's degree (F.I.T.), and to follow his dream in the Visual Arts.

Jamie Martinez is a figurative painter using a new movement in painting called Triangulism; which deconstructs the image by using geometric triangles, and by process of elimination, only its core triangles are left to show its true meaning, form and structure. He believes that everything in life is part of a three point system: beginning, middle, and end. His paintings are created with professional oil paints; and a combination of painting knives and brushes. Not one to follow others, Jamie’s work clearly expresses his exceptional view at life and art. He has shown all over New York City, Miami and recently in Canada.

Jamie adopts a mixture of street, artistic, and vanguard photography to display altered sides of everyday things. His street photography is raw and in your face; with all kinds of interesting subjects, his black and white photos speak for themselves. He also believes that even the smallest and most useless objects, seen through a distinct prospective, can give the object life and meaning. . Jamie Martinez is currently represented by Orchard Windows Gallery in New York City; which is where he also resides.

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