Bluforks by Kim Lake


...a Self-taught artist, inspired by the imperfection of perfection... Nature, Magic and just the pure " I don't know state" of it all.

I happened into Jewelry design quite by chance. While studying jazz and singing background for various groups, such as Mary J. Blige and De La Soul, a friend suggested that I go to the bead store. I decided to buy some beads and began to "play". When I showed her what I made my friend who is a gifted artist , suggested that I take them around to stores. My first stop was to Spike Lee's store in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, They loved my collection so much that they decided to make an order. And that's how It all began.

Bluforks, the name of my company, has two meanings. One, the Path of Light and also, it means someone who can really throw down in the kitchen. When you are a good cook, we say, you are cooking with a Blue fork. Which is a reference to the hottest part of the flame. I hope to not only create something that looks good but, also something that feeds the soul. Art has the power to uplift and to make us question. This is my mission. Currently, my work is inspired by the Cosmos.

Bluforks      The Art of Play, Our most natural wiring...

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