Oliver Sin

Artistic Statement

I'm a high-wire walker type perfectionist who is interested in risky and dangerous processes, which can produce more prodigious results.

My first memory with visual arts is from 1988, when everybody in my family started to talk about my sister’s talent in drawing. They didn't think I have talent, but I have never believed that talent exists, so I just started to paint. Then I realized that I have the ability to plant some charisma into the pictures. Later I noticed that I instinctively gravitate towards arts. So I started to become a professional artist with trying to live my life as honest as I can and trying to paint as less conscious as I can. I didn't choose this method, but it works.

In my opinion science is another reincarnation of art or vica versa, so scientists are artists too and look for the answer to the same question. That answer excites me.

-Oliver Sin


Oliver Sin (Budapest, 1985-) is a Hungarian contemporary painter, currently based in Budapest. In his style are mixing Neo-expressionism, Street Art, Dadaism, Conceptual and Political Art together with science, as spices in a tasty French soup. He paints his scientific formulas on different surfaces like canvases, guitars, girlfriend’s shoes etc.. When he doesn't paint, he plays the guitar and/or travels with a camera in his hands.

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