Olomi Saa
Spiritual Retreats for Goddess Lovers

Retreat 1:

Mantra Meditation Weekend

Olomi Saa, translates as "understanding the owner of the waters"... the Mother Goddess. Ma encourages higher learning and inspires a search for existential meaning. While study of religious texts may help to set foundations and disciplines for spiritual practice, higher perception occurs through direct transmission from the Mother Goddess herself. Our 3 day retreat facilitates surrender to and identification with the Mother of all. With time, sincerity and devotion She unfailingly manifests as guide both in the dreamscape and in waking life. Whether you are seeking direction on your life's path, solutions to troubling problems or simply want to affirm your devotion to Ma, we invite you to come and give expression to your intention.

Our 3 day retreat is formatted as an intimate altar circle. Rather that an exposition on history or dogma, the altar circle allows participants to be who they are... bringing personal experience to the fore along with the energy of pure devotion. It is an admission that we cannot fully fathom Ma's immense wisdom through study alone and that we are open to Her direct guidance. We come together to create an atmosphere where the deity that walks with us can respond to our receptivity with revelation. This is known as honoring the Ori or Devata Yoga.

Olomi Saa entails nurturing a relationship with your personal deity and guiding spirits. It is a learning/feeling process. You will discover, with practice, which offerings, songs, chants and colors your Goddess prefers. You will come to understand her guidance by using such oracles as the Tarot, Cowries, I-Ching or others and be able to respond with ritual, life changes and sincerity.

The cosmology at the heart of Olomi Saa is rooted in Kemetic, Indus Kush, Ifa and Vodoun spiritual cultures. Familiarity is helpful but not required. We convene with a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 2 couples (4 total) for our 3 day retreat. We gather for our 5 day retreat with a minimum of 5 particpants. We encourage you to invite your lover or friend to join you and enjoy a renewed spiritual depth.

During the reorientation process we obstain from sexual intercourse, alcohol, smoking, ingesting meat or dairy, watching television or listing to music other than hekau/mantras. Those seeking extended participation are welcome to pursue membership and attend our 3 day retreat monthly. Membership also allows long term correspondance and a stronger bond for circle work. Ask for more details.

Located in the Midlands of South Carolina with meditative sessions held at natural localities.

Topics covered:

Creating sacred space
Seeing, hearing and feeling meaning
Dream intuition
Dissolution and Death
Rebirth and Being

Cost of Attendance:
includes 3 nights lodging and all meals

$300 individual
$500 per couple

(please note: participants share a suite with private bed and bath)

Retreat 2:

Five Night Immersion

Welcome renewal.     Honor the ancestors.
                 Invoke the Divine.
                                     Embody the sacred.

Join us for a week of intensive spiritual renewal through the ancient Afrakan practice of Ua Meditation and Hekau recitation. Nestled in the natural beauty and calm of Edisto Beach, on the South Carolina coast, Olomi Saa's 5 night retreat is centered on the cosmology of Afrakan self mastery and righteous living. Using the tenets of several cohesive streams of spiritual philosophy and theosophy, including Kemetic, Ifa, Indus Kush and Vodoun, we will discuss and worship the divine as both path and destination… as concept and mystical experience.

Spirituality here is experiential, there are no mediators between you and the Divine. The goal is to open communication between you and your spirits, to allow you to clearly perceive guidance for manifesting Divine will in your own life. Whether initiated or simply exploring Afrakan philosophy, this retreat is a unique opportunity to get in touch with your spirits in stillness and with devotion to maintaining harmony of body and mind. The body is sacralized through a cleansing diet of live foods and concentrated breath work. Likewise, the mind is reorientated toward hetep by studying wisdom texts and engaging in regular meditation and chanting.

This retreat is geared toward those diasporac Afrakans intent on acknowledging their ancestors and embracing the path those ancestors laid out for us to maintain Maatic lives.

Participants are asked to wear Afrakan garb and all white only. Cell phones and computers are prohibited.

At a Glance...

Topics for discussion:

Devotional worship
Creating sacred space
Seeing, hearing and feeling meaning
Dream intuition
Dissolution and Death
Rebirth and Being

The 5 day format allows for private meditation by the ocean or along lush trails as well as 2 days of fasting and practicing of silent reflection. During the reorientation process we obstain from sexual intercourse, alcohol,smoking, ingesting meat or dairy, watching television or listing to music other than hekau/mantras.


  • Ua and Hesi (Meditation and Chanting)

  • Silent contemplation

  • Shrine making

  • Hiking

  • Raw vegan meals

Facilitated by:

Sekayi Khita Hetep & Atef Mangaliso Ture

Cost of Attendance:

$750 - includes 5 nights lodging and all meals


September 19th-23rd
October 17th-21st

April 17th-21st
May 15th-19th
June 19th-23rd

Spaces are limited in order to maintain small group size. Contact us one month in advance to secure your space.

Register here.

We look forward to sharing a week of purpose devoted to the sacred.

Sekayi Khita Hetep & Mangaliso Ture

"Consume pure foods and pure thoughts with pure hands, adore celestial beings, become associated with wise ones."

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