Afrakaltural Outreach


The Developmental Education and Psychology Program (D.E.P.P.) is the next evolutionary step of its predecessor the Supplemental Education Program (S.E.P). Started in 1989, the Supplemental Education Program's purpose was the advancement, promotion and practice of Afrakan culture. These objectives were met through the development of study cadres designed to teach our S.E.P. Early programs were conducted at Cheyney University. As the S.E.P.'s influence began to spread, lectures and workshops were conducted at United Black University forums and at the National Convention of African-American Students in Higher Education. Classes continued at Cheyney University and at Temple University's Church and World Institute. The S.E.P. was also taught in Philadelphia public schools, North Philadelphia YMCA, at the Odunde building in South Philadelphia and other community venues. The S.E.P. broadened it's approach to include the greater African-American community by instituting the following programs citywide:
  • Unity in the Community Afrakan Family Day in the Park (annually)
  • A Call to Consciousness Radio Show (broadcast weekly)
  • Communication at the Crossroads Newsletter (published quarterly)
  • Cultural Commitment Awards Program (annually)
  • Literary Club (bi-weekly)
  • Children's S.E.P. (weekly)
  • Conscious Cinema (monthly)

Honorable mention to the Supplemental Education Program staff and supporters:

Abayomi Shangobumi
Jabulani Ayinde
Boniswa Kamania Iyabo
Sundiata Ajamu Adisa
Perketer Tucker
Dr. Robert Myrick
Sandy Williams
Kwendani (Brother Hakim)
Akwasiba (Sister Kenya)
Kwesi (Brother Jermaine)
John (Pittsburgh)
Yohimba Uhuru
Amka Uhuru
Sister Atika Bey
Lois Fernandez
Rev. Cecil Grey
Bob and Trudy Gay
David P. Richardson Jr.
Dr. Ed Robinson
Sister Philae
Deke and Dell Jones
Uar Tehuti Kamu
Baka Beka
Mrs Rose Thorton and her granddaughters Rochelle
Ahmed, Mahmud, Ishan, Ahmir, Hisham
Bro Aschak
Bob Moore
Bill Anderson
Carl Young
Cheyney University
Stilt Walkers Bookstore
Know Thyself Bookstore
Odunde Inc.
Ausar Auset Society
Basic Black Books
WPEB Radio
WHAT Radio