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we are

not because we
were born in

but because

was born in us.

"Just because a cat
has kittens in
the oven, that
doesn't make them biscuits."

Afrakaltural Outreach

The Afrakaltural Outreach department promotes the unicity of Afrakan people(American Afrakan, Carribean Afrakan, Continental Afrakan, etc.) and their communities by focusing on unifying cultural themes and practices.

Afrakalture nourishes the Afrakan identity by replacing fragmented, generalized and stereotypic historical analysis with holistic concepts and developmental practices designed to produce contemporary life tools. Afrakaltural Outreach fosters an approach which emphasizes the anteriority of Afraka and its people, their sustainability and continuation.

Youth Development Program

Our Youth Development Program is designed to teach conflict resolution and anger management. Group dynamics are designed to foster leadership skills while team building lessons teach our youth how to work together for the benefit of the whole group.

Children and teens are also engaged in cultural education programs, trips, and various events that promote inter-cultural and cross-cultural relationships between American, Caribbean and Continental Afrakan youth. Summer sessions are accented with white water rafting, hiking, indoor rock climbing and team building retreats.

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Our networking events provide an excellent opportunity for the development of professional or social relationships. We select venues that vary from business appropriate to artistic, from leisurely to the physically engaging. Our diverse settings and programs ensure the envolvement and enjoyment of our participants, as they suit a range of interests and lifestyes.

Whatever the venue, our networking functions are conducted by a well trained staff to ensure the comfort of our participants. We provide an atmosphere conducive to meaningful and topical discourse, resource exchange and cultural expression.


For college students whose majors require work experience or credits, this program offers Afrakan-centered projects for those majoring in:
  • African Studies
  • Communications
  • Multimedia
  • Film Production
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • African-American Studies
  • Hospitality and Event Coordination