RoByn Thompson

Artist's Statement

I was enchanted by the possibilities of transformation and colors. The magic of being able to take the process from an idea to something tangible transfixes me as does the ability we have to reinvent ourselves and our worlds.
I want to take what is inside and make it visible, to make the unseen other-self tangible.
I appreciate mystery in an image, uncertainty about what you are seeing. I have a need for color and am fascinated by its power to evoke an emotional response.
I want to tap into the timelessness of creation.
Timelessness as the instant when the point of the brush makes contact when everything freezes and nothing else seems to exist.
And timeless in that since prehistory, making marks to express is one of the unique behaviors that define us as human.
I want people to have a reaction to my work, be unsure, feel a connection to something larger and feel the magic of transformation.

What kind of art is this anyway?
It’s representational except when it’s abstract, and some of it is in that gray area which might be called figurative abstraction.
I haven’t really found the right categorical box to put my art in. Some might consider it art brut, outsider art, intuitive art, visionary art or Naive art. Naïvism, Primitivism and symbolism are also terms that might apply. Others might classify it as Marginal art, Art singulier or Grass-roots art.
Some find aspects of it to be erotic art or Urban Art.
So how do I classify it?
I don’t.
I just do what I do.


RoByn Thompson is a fine art body painter, photographer and mixed media artist who uses her art to empower herself and others. It is also a method to explore her world and a tool in her search for meaning. RoByn began her journey as an artist by being a face painter. She soon sought larger canvases and has been exploring the world of body painting for over a decade. She very much appreciates the support of her wonderful body painting models because without their bodies she would have nothing to paint on! She initially painted bodies for several prominent photographers before picking up the camera herself.

Now she enjoys the complete creative control of the process from initial sketch of the body paint design through the painting process culminating in capturing the images on her trusty Nikon. She does not edit the images with programs such as Photoshop. She wishes her images to retain the integrity of what was created with body painting makeup and her camera. RoByn's artwork has been seen in such diverse places as the cover of Time Out New York, the Tyra Banks Show, HBO's Flight of the Concords and Time Magazine's website.

Although best known for her body painting photography, she also mixes media including painting, drawing and printing.
She loves color and is intrigued by that which is abstracted. A Jersey Girl, RoByn is a lover of art, chocolate, magick, sex and sleep. She is curious.
(cu•ri•ous–adjective : 1.eager to learn or know; inquisitive. 2. arousing or exciting speculation, interest, or attention through being inexplicable or highly unusual; odd; strange).

She paints people then shoots them, much like those tag and release programs. When not painting, shooting or sleeping, she can sometimes be found singly loudly and off-key or dancing like a White girl.
She also loves Tom Robbins and Christopher Moore books. Her secret literary vices include Cosmo Magazine and Death Merchant books. Her favorite movies are The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Paco and her Magical Book. Musically, she's a Deadhead, love Bob Marley, Warren Zevon and Mike Oldfield. She is happiest playing with her computer, paints, camera, book and wrapped in her Hello Kitty blankie. She can be distracted with chocolate and shiny things.

See more of RoByn's work in Aesthetics 6250 A.U.
Visit RoByn's website here.


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