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Recommended Products:

The Inye is a mobile internet device. It gives you access to the internet; it allows you to play media files and watch movies.

Thinner and less cumbersome than a notepad, the Way-C is easy to carry. Running on Android Gingerbread system with a 1,2 GHz CPU, the Way-C fits both personal and professional usage. With an affordable price - this has nothing to do with low cost products – the tablet has got a 7-inch multitouch screen, with a resolution of 800x480, and run Flash player , HD movies, 3D games, and has 6-hour autonomy.

Swiss company ÖKO has utilized NASA filtration technology to create a bottle that can turn sodas (or anything else) into water. Made from super-light materials, the water bottle provides easy access to clean, clear, crisp water.

Professional Plus Ionic Breeze GP Silent Air Purifier with UV-C Germicidal Protection Sharper Image