The Afrakaltural Symposium

The Experience

Providing an ideological framework and practical strategies for living a culturally-centered lifestyle

The Symposium provides full immersion into Afrakalture by offering an in-depth profile of the behaviors and circumstances of historical and contemporary Afrakans in relation to autonomous devleopment. This is done through topical discussions, contemporary rituals, mission-oriented challenges, study material, team-building exercises and lectures.

Unlike many existing educational models, the Symposium implements an aggressive Afrakan centered methodology that is experiential, neccessitating a lifestyle change as opposed to focusing on abstract theory, historical rhetoric and inapplicable antiquated ideologies.

You either walk away wanting to be Afrakan or you don't, there's no middle ground...

The Symposium is a multi-weekend experience tailored to individuals, couples and families seeking envelopment in Afrakan centered behaviors and practices useful for improving their quality of life.

To maintain a high quality learning environment and ensure attendance by serious applicants only, the selection process for participation involves completion of:


-200 word statement of intent

-Orientation via correspondence

50% non-refundable deposit in advance

Now enrolling. Apply early as space is limited.
Call for more information 267.808.1701

Contemporary Rituals

-Khepera Rising (morning meditations and postures)
-Kungana Umoja (unity postures)
-Negative Confessions
-Incarnation Objective
-Ren (naming Ceremony)
-Khesu Umoja (bonding ritual)

Study Topics and Discussion Material

1) Afraka:
Origins of a people

2) Kuzinduka:
consciousness, culture and the birthing of civilization

3) Kondo-azali:
war and remembrance

desecration and destruction

5) Isfet:
contemporary confusion and dependency

6) Pya Kule:
Afrakaltural renaissance

7) Desturi:
the martial knowledge of intellectual warfare

8) Jumuiya:
community development through autonomous institutions and family collectives


-Teambuilding Exercises
-Study Period
-Conscious Cinema
-Notable Recognition

Know this... a typical day with us will have you meditating at sunrise, running an obstacle course by noon, studying the reality of war at dusk and at the center of a ritual by moonlight.. If you find the courage to go further, you may discover the discipline that leads to mastery and knowledge of self.

Sample Weekend

arrival & registration
introductions & tour
teambuilding exercise
free time

morning meditation and postures
conscious cinema during travel
cultural excursion and lunch
conscious cinema during travel
free time
moonlight ritual

morning meditation and postures
free time
notable recognition & farewell dinner

schedule subject to change and is amendable to participants

Enjoy healthy vegan meals and cultural cuisine.

Browse and buy cultural items...

Excursions through Culture
Experience Afrakan culture as expressed in America

Off-site lodging provided by:
Candlewood Suites, Hampton Inn, and Quality Inn

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