"Every form of true education trains the student in self reliance"
John Henrik Clarke

Afrakalture is a must for autonomous community development.

"This is not the ranting of wild-eyed militancy, but the calm and unmistakable verdict of several thousand years of documented history"
Chancellor Williams

The Afrakaltural Symposium

The Afrakaltural Challenge

Afrakalture: Toward a Definition

Traditional Afrakan principles integrated with contemporary needs to produce useful life tools for the culturally astute and the self-sustaining communities they'll live in.


Iím talking to the libertine, the pessimist. The ones who donít want to hear the Afrakan stuff. Those trapped in a false history, plagiarizing past glories without an inkling of insight for the future. Iím talking to the ones rife with the borrowed philosophies and ideologies of their opponentsí culture. The ones who blaspheme their own god while on their knees in supplication to the ancestors of others. Iím talking to the minstrels and gladiators who prostitute themselves. Iím talking to the insecure cerebrals, compromising in their scholarship and intolerable in their colloquy.

Iím also talking to the hopeful, the brave. The furnishers of cultural sustenance. The orators of conscious discourse. Iím talking to those who learn to assess the past, evolve in the present, and orchestrate the future. The physically disciplined, emotionally balanced, mentally acute and the spiritually armored. I am talking to the uncompromised, those with the mettle to live in the nonce while ensuring the manumission of generations yet to come. The vanguard, unflinching in their determination to manifest an Afrakan indignation, pregnant with the providence of Afrakan reclamation.

If you think I am talking to youÖ youíre probably right.


A system of instruction and training that seamlessly interweaves diasporac and continental Afrakan ethos into a structured integration of emancipating protocols, bellicose exercises and spiritual grafting. This regimen disciplines the novice in the maxims of Neo Trans Afrakan life skills.


Because the unification of disparate but complimentary Afrakan cultural facets can be heuristically advanced into a functional composite of contemporary life tools needed for the successful evolution of our communities and the people therein.


Afrakaltural Reclamation Campus

Öyou are ready.