Tim McFarlane

Artistic Statement: Presence

"Presence" is comprised of new and recent paintings that consist of repeated, hard-edged linear gestures used to form multiple skeins of colors, each acting as a stage for successive layers, leading to an autonomous image that is the result of repeated accretion and deletion of marks. This autonomy is played out in the resulting architectonic forms having a commanding, object-like presence in the paintings, while not conforming to a specific nameable object or place. My new paintings share common interests with the looser gestural mark making of previous works, only now the images are largely confined to the interior boundaries of the painting surfaces, whereas earlier works featured curvilinear gestures of color that appeared to escape from the edges of their surfaces. The paintings in “Presence” examine common themes that influence us on a daily basis. Physical and sensory relationships and experiences with our immediate surroundings, other people, and within our selves inform and provide starting points for the processes and imagery of this work. Outside influences such as graphic design, pattern systems, and music contribute to my on-going studio practice, as well. Once a direction takes hold, I build up my works in layers by painting, scraping, sanding, and repainting, along with utilizing varying degrees of color intensity, transparency, and opaqueness with paints and mediums to make and modify images.

Drawing-based painting gestures, repetition of marks and color all play a significant role in my paintings. They are tools that guide me in creating works that offer an opening into a unique world of visual perception. At the same time, by using painting as a means to question my experiences in the world, by extension, offer the viewer a means of exploring their own relationship(s) with and perceptions of the world around them.

Tim McFarlane
August 2013

See more of Tim's work in Aesthetics 6250 A.U.
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