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My thoughts on Afrakan philosophy, choosing to pursue Afrakan Traditional Religion and developing devotion to the Neteru, Orisha and Vodou.
by Sekayi Khita Hetep

Surviving Ego Death
June 2012

Shiva is in deep sleep, just as the individual is asleep, unaware of ultimate truth – union. The ego, the serpent power within us, lays coiled up locked in self-identification with the body and physicality. But, as expressed in an ancient Kemetic proverb: “I have climbed the ladder, having turned myself around.” The serpent is to be redirected to seeking union with Shiva... to use the powerfully passionate energy of emotion and desire to wake the sleeping god within.

Like Ausar (Osiris), lord of the underworld/duat, Shiva dreams the world but needs the complimentary use of feminine force in order to act within it. As long as the serpent/ego is directed to illusory self-interest, the brilliance of the spirit remains untapped. A primary step for the spiritual aspirant is to die to those self-delusions and be reborn from the ashes. The question then is... how?

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Opposites Attract: The Fundamental Yoga
June 2012

Male and female, positive and negative, here and there, what is had vs. what is sought, pure thought vs. desire... life is movement and movement comes about through difference.... when point A seeks point B. When sameness is recognized movement ceases... there is no need because all is unified. You could say that in a sense, dissatisfaction drives us; I want to get something I don't have… this right here is not enough-- desire urges us. Realizing that the things desired only increase without ever bringing us lasting satiety, one comes to understand and redirect desire to the source or cause of all things sought. No longer satisfied with different objects of desire one follows the thread to their unified source. This is the natural progression of yogic thought...

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Part 2 Ushet Mer – Devotion to the Divine Lovers
October 2011

Love is at the heart of ancient Kemetic spirituality. Goddess + God manifest creation through the first tantric embrace, the bull sires the cow, the feminine force enjoins the masculine... they are the root of all duality and the source of all existence. Known as Ma-Wu, Ausar + Auset, Hetheru + Ra, Damballah + Aida Wedo and a host of other names, Goddess and God make love and yield the world...

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Divine Love as Represented by the Love Goddesses
Part 1 The Co-creator concept and dual form of God-head
September 2011

We last touched on the idea of being a co-creator with 'God.' Before we can understand how to fulfill that role, we need to understand the dual creator-created aspect of God. For this, of course, we turn to the philosophies of ancient Afraka...

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