Yeji Jun

Artistic Statement

“I intend to get rid of all complicated problems
so that I can dream and rest my soul
and leave my mind
free from every concern.
10:45 PM”

My art is my state of mind. My state of mind stems from my subconscious. My visualization process connects my subconscious to my consciousness. By creating a visual subconscious, I can share my state of mind with the public. My state of mind includes not only internal thoughts but external experiences; impulses, images, emotions, daydreams, and elements from my daily life. The elements coming from my subconscious are both spontaneous and deliberate. This visual language allows me to share my sarcasm, humor, sadness and fantasy. Viewers can discover, see and enjoy these experiences through my art.

Ideas come and go very quickly. To share the richness of my infinite world, I record and capture everything immediately, before it fades away. I also record the time when these thoughts occur. This non-stop process of recording my impressions serves to create “snapshots” from my subconscious mind.

In my work, daydreams, text and significant personal details such as signs and symbols are revealed and shared. Meanings, thoughts, emotions, impulses and vulnerability, together with my daydreams, come together to provide a rich visual experience.

Major components used in my work are text and images, which sometimes accompany each other and sometimes appear independently. In preparation, I write down my thoughts daily in order to further define my abstract ideas. My words are like verses in a diary. They provide me with emotional content and connection. They create intimacy in my art. The text I write inspires my images, which are expressed in a visual language of signs and impressions. My text and images are strongly connected. My text and images can become obsessive.

When I am making my work I actively anticipate the responses of my viewers. My works are not just transferred from my thoughts to paper. They go from me to my viewers, and from my worlds to theirs. My art is therefore a method of conversation. It is a visual language with which I converse with myself and my viewers.


Yeji Jun is an artist who was born in South Korea. She currently works and lives in New York City. Her drawings and collages are personal state of mind and explore her imagination and thought from everyday life.
She received an M.F.A from Hunter College in New York City.

See more of Yeji's work in Aesthetics 6250 A.U.
Visit Yeji's website here.


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